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Untitled Poem 3

Lord have mercy on my soul. Me a sinner.
Grant me peace, light, and love.
Teach me the way.
Heal me of all my misdeeds, bad thoughts and thoughtless acts.
Heal this body in which your temple dwells.
Deliver me from all evil. Let me know peace is like a river flowing pure and clear, with a tingling melody. Singing its praises to the Father.
Grant me joy and peace.
Come dwell in me and with me.
Meet me a member in your light.
Singing of joys past, of joys to come of wondrous deeds to feel.
Know that the Christ dwells always with us.
Hear my cry, O Lord.
Heal me in mind, Body, Spirit and soul, O Lord.
Show me the way, O Lord.
Open my heart to your beat, rhythm and tone.
Make me light to fly and soar as the birds of the sky.
To dwell in your loving depths as the fishes of the seas.
Help me to know all your wonders and many blessings.
Let me speak with the creatures that walk upon your earth.
The rocks that tell of times immortal.
Help me Lord to appreciate and use the many gifts bestowed upon man.
Let me know and understand that time is no more but always will be.
Guide us, your creatures to the light.
Let us shine into the night, bright as day forever more.
Peace be still.


– written April 3, 1996

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