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Love, true love is like a drop of water that continually drips, drips, drips, drips unending.
Loudly, softly, whispering quietly. I’m here. I am here. I’m all that man has, an all that man is.
I and love, Love of God, Love of nature. Love of man, of the flowers, of the animals, of the sea.
All these things are God. All are part of me.
Love enlightens us. Heals us.

Live with it. There would be no world, no man, no life without love.
Love such a small word, but the most powerful of any language.
Love the bottom, the top, the inside, the outside of me. It is what makes me.
Love of self and love of God, Love of the sky and trees, the moon, the birds.
All of these are me.

From the land, comes so much of mother Earth, who takes us in her belly and holds us, heals us, feeds us.
And loves us.
Mother earth, who breathes life into us,
Mother earth, the unfailing love of mother earth.


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