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Love of

What we must seek. What we must give.
What we must know unconditionally makes us “Man.”
God’s spark.
God’s children.
Love, Everlasting Love.
One must learn to balance love, for there are many types of Love. Many kinds of love.
Love of self—-The most important, the first, the greatest.
If one does not love oneself, one cannot love anything else
If one does not treat oneself well, honor, respect thyself and love thyself then you have nothing to give to others.
Love the unblinking, undemanding unconditionally love we feel not. Asking, what are you going to give me, or what are you going to do for me, or what are you going to think of me, But just Love.
Love of a child— no greater love has man than Love of child. The purity, the innocence, the love of God shining through unconditionally.
Love of a child showing you from whence you came unto where you shall return. The love of a child.
Love of a pet— is just the same. Four legged creatures, the bird in the air, whatever appeals to you and becomes a part of you, You will love with a feeling and emotion of the heart. Love of a pet.
Love of life. Ahh to feel the joy, to know the passion and light and understanding of all things. To connect with and realize everything loves, everything gives and can receive love.
Master teach me unconditional Love. Help me to express it, to learn it to know it, to live it. Unconditional Love.
Love that is all, all that was and all that shall be. Love of me the spark of you.
Heavenly father open this heart, lighten this heart. Empower this heart to feel, to understand, to know, to give and to receive love.
Lord help me to accept and realize a part of love is just as important to receive as it is to give, for all things travel in a circle from whence it came to where it shall return.
For as you give love, So shall you receive love.
Thanking God for all that is given.
Love is the dance of life.
The thing that makes it all possible.
The first ingredient
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