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Integrative Soul Technology


The central idea of the Integrative Soul Technology (IST) process is that the Lower Self contains an infinite number of Personas. Consequently, one can take up an infinite number of perspectives. All of the personas are competing to be heard and to act out on the “stage of life” when reactionary measures need to be taken. (e.g. losing one’s temper).


Personas are patterns of behavior or aspects of your personality, they come out to protect you in times of fear, doubt or anger. (e.g. the saboteur, the procrastinator or the victim) Integrative soul technology addresses the body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, rather than treating any of these levels separately.


IST is a life altering technique that can instantly transform your old worn out Personas into a unified Being of dynamic energy.


The Integrative Soul Technology process was first created by, my mentor, Christel Hughes C. Ht. after more than a decade of teaching and seeking a process to combine the insights of intuitive wisdom and western psychology.


Full Soul Integration Session: featuring IST

60 minutes $160


Soul Shifting


Integrative Soul Technology zooms right into the core of the problem shifting the energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life -depleting habits and negative thought forms in place. This simple and practical technique will take you from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness.


People discover power and abilities that they never realize they had . . . enabling them to instantly transmute energy within themselves by bearing witness to their own behavior and taking action by converting stagnant energy into productive, cooperative and congruent energy.


During this life altering session, you will be held in a very powerful container of loving acceptance and experience the vibration of pure Truth coming through so strongly that it will immediately realign you to your Soul Self. The Soul Shifting session is 1hour total . . . 30 minutes one-on-one with Audrey guiding you through an alignment process and then 30 minutes of assimilation time off the phone. During your assimilation time, Audrey will be holding the energetic space for you to fully adjust, assimilate and stabilize on all levels throughout your aura and body.


Soul Shifting Session $97

Soul Shifting Bundle: 3 Sessions $270


Soul Reading


Each of us has several spirit guides and angels. They’re all around us, and they want to communicate with us and help us on a daily basis. During a 15 minute session whatever messages your angels and spirit guides are saying will be delivered to you.


Soul Reading $45

Your Free Gift

This is a poem I created for you. It can also be used as a meditation and just reminds us of the many sources of the love available from the universe.  Soon I will be hosting a telesumit on self-love, Awakening to your Inner Treasures and how you can begin to “Soul Shift” on your own. Just click the link below to enjoy the poem.